At J & B Security, we are dedicated to you and all of your different security needs.  Our 24 Hour UL Listed Five Diamond Central Station offers you the comfort of knowing that your home and business are protected and secured at ALL TIMES.  In the event that your alarm system goes off, it will transmit a signal to the 24 Hour Central Station's main office, and an operator will respond within seconds. They will call two different phone numbers that you have provided in order to verify if the alarm signal that was received was a false signal or not.  If no one answers, or if someone answers that doesn't know that password that you previously provided, the Central Station operator will call your local police department and dispatch them out immediately.

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Starting As Low - $27.95‚Äč

  • Personal Smartphone/Tablet App for every Cellular Alarm Monitoring Account
  • Personal technician and account manager
  • Easy Auto E-Check Bill Pay
  • Free Text / Push Notification on ARM/DISARM and ALARM
  • 10-15% OFF Homeowners Insurance
  • Licensed and Regulated by the State of Texas B18574
  • 1 Million Dollar Insurance Policy

With J & B Security Monitoring, you can finally put your fears at ease. J & B Security is family owned since 2013.  We have been in the alarm monitoring and alarm installation industry for 15+ years.  We know the alarm business well, and the work it takes to make you happy.  It's our job to protect your assets, a responsibility we take very seriously.  Our Central Station is UL CERTIFIED and has been given the CSAA 5 DIAMOND CENTRAL MONITORING STATION AWARD.  Our CSAA 5 Diamond Central Monitoring Station is UL Certified, technologically advanced, and built to last.  It has 12" steel reinforced in concrete block walls, a high level steel reinforced all steel roof securely tied to the foundation, hurricane resistant windows, three large generators with 2400 gallons of underground fuel to supply power in the event of an outage, phone lines underground that connect directly to the phone companies central office and a backup water source.  We are fully prepared in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.  J & B Security Monitoring is more than state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure.  Our entire alarm monitoring staff offers reliable, courteous service, careful attention to detail and, of course, the personal attention you expect and deserve.  All of our operators are CSAA certified.  J & B Security offers services in the following cities and more: Austin, Round Rock, Hutto, Pflugerville, Palestine, Buffalo, Tyler, Longview, Henderson, Jacksonville, Elkhart, Tennessee Colony, Cayuga, Dallas, Fort Worth, Mesquite, Plano, Texarkana TX.